Depression and hair loss. ¿Which one comes first?

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Depression and hair loss. ¿Which one comes first?

Hair loss is usually depressing, but the opposite it is also possible: depression can lead to hair loss, as it is a state that generates stress.

Situations that lead to depression cause a hair disorder called “Telogen Effluvium”  which is known as more frequent alopecia after androgenic alopecia.

It is an alteration in the hair cycle that causes the hair follicles in the development phase to move immediately to the period of fall or telogen phase.

At the same time, depression causes serotonin segregation to decrease and corticosteroid production is promoted. It is a hormonal change that stimulates the sebaceous glands and the reduction of intrafolicular oxygen. As a consequence, the hair weakens and ends up falling.

That hair loss associated with depression is usually temporary. It depends on the time the person remains depressed. When it is overcome, it must be finished. Even so, the recommendation is to use a hair strengthening treatment. Emotional alopecia must be combated from a multidisciplinary approach that prioritizes psychological treatment.