Famouse people with Hair Transplant: soccer players Íker Casillas

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Famouse people with Hair Transplant: soccer players Íker Casillas

Iker Casillas Hair Transplant

At the same week in which the Spanish goalkeeper made news for the pre-infarction he suffered in Portugal, we were reminded another successful step he had in a surgery room. Íker Casillas played for a capillary graft as the one performed in Cali by Dr. Liliana Reina.

In a statement from FC Porto at the beginning of May, it was confirmed that Íker Casillas (37 years old) “suffered an acute myocardial infarction during training and that after the care his condition was stable and out of danger”.

This news was quite relevant. He is a historic goalkeeper who won World Championship in 2010 and he himself has 24 titles during his career (most with soccer team Real Madrid). Therefore it is always an important news worldwide anything related with him and his health, as it happened 5 years ago when his hair transplant was made public.

Íker Casillas, a character exposed to the media, considered that he could not give a bad image. So in mid-2012 he decided to undergo a capillary graft or capillary hair transplant. In Madrid, a capillary micrograft was performed with the FUE technique, this technique is the one that Dr. Liliana Reina manages perfectly with her patients in Cali and the United States.

This method is one of the most advanced that exist. It consists of extracting individually the hair follicles from the donor area of the head (occipital and lateral), and then implant them back in the areas to be filled with hair. It works pretty well in most of the cases and Íker Casillas is an example of this.

The athlete was very well and even his image was chosen for advertising campaings for shampoos and boast healthy hair in ads on television. Today he continues doing it.

“Everything controlled here, a big scare but with the forces intact, thank you very much to all for the messages and the love”, lately commented Casillas in his Twitter account, publishing a new photograph in which he continues to see the good results of his capillary graft.