Minoxidil: does it help to prevent baldness?

Androgenetic alopecia in men and women.
6 June, 2018
What type of alopecia (baldness) do I have? And how can I solve it?
6 June, 2018
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Minoxidil: does it help to prevent baldness?

Before the fall of the hair, the people begin to consult on remedies that control or stop this process, sometimes without having the adequate advice for the subject, and one of the doubts that arises is about the baldness drugs, how effective are, their uses and effects that they can generate.

What is Minoxidil ? Presented in some areas as the miraculous treatment that prevents hair loss , we must have some clarifications. Minoxidil is a medicine that was initially used as a treatment for high blood pressure (HBP) due to its vasodilator effect, characteristic that in some patients treated with the drug generated hair appearance, so it was passed to the formula enriched in hydroalcoholic solution for topical application in cases of alopecia.

Minoxidil was approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration – United States Department of Food and Drug) in 1988, together with Finasteride, as one of the effective drugs for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia or known as common baldness that affects both men and women. Minoxidil has been widely accepted in the market in its gradual presentations minoxidil 2% and minoxidil 5%, the latter being the most distributed.

Regarding its effectiveness, several professionals have explained that more than a “miracle drug”, Minoxidil does not prevent hair loss, its greatest effectiveness is achieved after hair transplants , because that’s when its use reinforces the implanted hair , becoming a treatment of continued use for post-operative hair care, helping to: stimulate hair growth and increasing the time in which the hair is in the growth phase.

Minoxidil should be applied with dry scalp. The laboratories recommend applying it twice a day in important drops, usually 1 ml each time, once applied the amount indicated should be extended with the fingertips, then wash hands and avoid using hair dryer after having applied the solution because it can lose effectiveness.

Although it must be taken into account that it is effective when hair has been lost for a short time, especially under 40s, if the hair is old and important, it will be difficult to recover.

It is always important to remember that for advice on hair loss, resort to professionals in the subject to achieve a better explanation of what type of products or treatments are best suited to the characteristics of each patient.

Explanation that includes brands and presentations in which Minoxidil comes, for example, for a long time the only authorized concentration was a maximum of 2% Minoxidil. Therefore, most brands have kept this dose that is very effective but only in the long term. However, the formula containing 5% Minoxidil has been authorized for distribution in order to maximize its effects and reduce the duration of treatment.

As for brands, Foligain P5 is considered one of the most powerful and most elaborate formulas to stop hair loss and allow it to grow back quickly. In fact, it is composed of 5% Minoxidil, which allows much faster and more satisfactory results, adding that it helps to hydrate the hair.

In the Latin market, the Kirkland brand is recognized for its effective results, because in three months, its results are evidenced, also counting on a concentration of 5% of Minoxidil, finally, Rogaine appeared on the market as a synonym of Minoxidil and is undoubtedly a Great recommended for its medium-term results and recognition in markets such as the United States.

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