20 May, 2019
Iker Casillas Hair Transplant

Famouse people with Hair Transplant: soccer players Íker Casillas

At the same week in which the Spanish goalkeeper made news for the pre-infarction he suffered in Portugal, we were reminded another successful step he had […]
6 June, 2018

What type of alopecia (baldness) do I have? And how can I solve it?

Alopecia (hair loss) can be classified into numerous groups, depending on its origin and how it manifests, being the most common androgenic alopecia or common baldness […]
6 June, 2018

Minoxidil: does it help to prevent baldness?

Before the fall of the hair, the people begin to consult on remedies that control or stop this process, sometimes without having the adequate advice for […]
6 June, 2018

Androgenetic alopecia in men and women.

Considered as the most common baldness that occurs, androgenetic alopecia is part of the causes most consulted by various patients with hair loss, who consult to […]